As businesses, we tend to promote our best to management. The hardest workers. The brightest. The ones who are first in and last out. When these individuals fail as managers, it’s rarely because they lacked willingness. They were just never taught to successfully pivot from a person who gets things done to a person who inspires others to get things done.

The Pivotal Link teaches managers to coach. We believe that the right people are chosen for management but they often continue doing their old job. They take on small tasks. They micromanage unnecessarily. If they weren’t smart and driven enough to become managers, then you never would have promoted them. We refocus their talents.


The Peter Principle states that employees are promoted until they reach a position they are not competent enough to handle. In reality, when workers are promoted to management they are rarely given training. It’s assumed that the experience of being managed translates into an understanding of management. But good management is subtle. It can be counterintuitive. The Peter Principle exists because we often set new managers up for failure by throwing them into the deep end without teaching them how to swim.



1.Complete tasks they should delegate?

2.Micromanage Employees?

3.Treat employees like close friends?


We turn managers into coaches. A coach works with a team to achieve a common goal. A coach doesn’t score goals or play defense. No one wants to see that happen. A coach draws up plays, motivates players, coordinates practice, and stabilizes conflicting personalities in the locker room. A coach directs talent so its potential can be realized.

Successful coaches trust others to play the game. They know the right players to put in for any given situation. We call this emotional intelligence, and we provide training to help managers become more emotionally intelligent.

The Pivotal Link helps your managers become coaches. Not teammates, not drill sergeants, but coaches. We work directly with managers to help them find their whistle.


We don’t take a one size fits all approach. We will discuss your current needs and develop the most effective approach for your management team. Our work with thousands of managers has taught us some best practices and we will ensure they align with your needs. That’s why we transform managers into emotionally intelligent coaches ready to cultivate inclusive work forces.

We are experts in leadership development, remote coaching, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. While our courses are research based and have been developed over years of work with managers throughout the US, we will customize the right fit for you. Whether that’s a one-day session or a long-term engagement (12-18 months), our work together will be a journey that enhances your entire workforce. Try out our sample coaching quiz to get started.

If you’re ready to take your management team beyond the status quo, give us a call and let’s get started.



Managers who act as coaches are crucial to developing not only a thriving company, but a thriving community. When managers primarily use the disciplinary firing process to obtain results, they waste a company’s most important resource—labor—and in the process prevent employees from growing within the organization. We want to see employees flourish, companies grow, and communities strengthened.

Managers who wish they had received more training:


Source: Grovo