Jen Kuhn

Jen Kuhn


Jen Kuhn started her career in the social service field, working in teen detention centers, group homes, and psychiatric hospitals. She learned about the healing power of restorative justice while working as a victim-offender mediator on national cases.

Jen worked as a national speaker, trainer, and CEO of a credit union consulting firm for seventeen years. Working with credit unions fulfilled her desire to make a difference and live the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.” Looking to expand upon leadership development and financial literacy training, Jen created The Pivotal Link.

Drawing on twenty years of experience and research, Jen has developed a socially conscious approach to both leadership development and financial literacy. She has partnered with Genos International to provide emotional intelligence assessments as an enhancement to leadership programs. She also worked with her father, a life-long educator and banker, to create financial literacy programs designed to strengthen communities.

Jenny Davis

Jenny Davis

Director of Research and Development

Dr. Jenny Davis is a Professor of Social Work at The University of Dayton. She received her Ph.D. from the Ohio State University. Dr. Davis has practice experience in medical and psychiatric social work.

Jenny’s thirty-plus years of research and publishing expertise ensures that The Pivotal Link’s programming is developed with outcomes in mind. Her approach guarantees that work meets client needs and provides the most innovative approach to learning objectives.

The Pivotal Link is committed to providing clients with information and programming that makes a difference. Jenny’s expertise ensures the integrity of this goal by providing evidence-based solutions.



Client Liaison

Paula has made a career teaching early adolescents in a nationally recognized school district. She developed a passion for teaching when granted a paid internship at a high needs intermediate school.

As a teacher, Paula prioritizes character, social emotional learning, and mindfulness. She recognizes the power in guiding students to become cognizant, empathetic individuals. Utilizing reflective practices and open conversations, Paula encourages growing minds to engage in challenging yet necessary topics.

As Client Liaison, Paula ensures all clients receive the individualized attention they expect and deserve from The Pivotal Link. As manager of our Emotional Intelligence Assessment system, she utilizes technical and interpersonal skills to guide clients through our emotional intelligence assessment process.

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