2020 Predictive Index

  • 97% of CEOs are allowing some type of remote work moving forward
  • 56% agree that employee productivity is a top concern
  • 51% cited “working well remotely” as a concern
  • At the senior leadership level, team cohesion is at an all-time low

The Pivotal Link works with leaders at all levels, providing a comprehensive training approach that addresses all of these concerns and more. Managers need the tools to be successful in this new environment. TPL provides them.

We have a proprietary survey for employees that will help coaches increase their team’s productivity and engagement by knowing the most effective way to coach them remotely.

Additionally, we work with employees on developing strategies to increase productivity.

Remote work is not going away.

Are you prepared?


Growth in Remote Work: Last 5 Years


Growth in Remote Work: Last 10 Years


Growth in Remote Work: Last 12 Years

The Pivotal Link Remote Coaching Webinar Series

  • A 3-part series for managers (2 hours each)
  • 1 (separate) webinar for all remote employees and any manager that wants to attend
  • 1 employee assessment

All sessions are highly interactive, with polls, chat box and questions.

Plan your remote hosting webinar today!

Content for Managers:

Webinar #1: Remote Coaching Challenges

  • The 3 Barriers to Communication (specific to remote manager/employee)
  • Tracking Productivity (without buying software or micro-managing)

Webinar #2: Remote Coaching Opportunities

  •  How to Build Trust (details 6 best practices)
  • Best Practices to Enhance Motivation and Engagement
  • Scheduling, Family and Homeschooling (how to navigate with employees)

Webinar #3: Assessment & Reflection

  •  Managers take self-assessment about their own remote style (same as employee assessment)
  • Discuss how to “grade” assessment and deliver to remote employees
  • Final questions

$425 Per Participant

Or package deal for an organization sending more than 15 participants

Content for Remote Employees

Webinar: Being Productive While Working From Home

  •  Most common distractions
  • 3 Ways to Increase Productivity
  • Best Practices for Remote Employees

Up to 75 Employees Can Attend Webinar for Free

Create a customized coaching approach with our employee assessments!